Why you should switch from alcohol to cannabis

I’m not the biggest fan of corporate papers such as ITV but on the odd occasion they make a fair and true post I am happy to read it. I’m sure I will not be alone here and many will of seen this growing up. There comes a time when your friends often split and go in different directions.

Whilst some turn to alcohol for their dose of escapism, others turn to cannabis. A few years on it becomes obvious that a daily abuse of alcohol caused fatigue, aggression and in some cases, really bad life choices.

Growing up I started off with drinking close to daily, and the result was awful. I barely ever had a clear head and each day faded into the next. I was always broke because I could not even think about saving money and controlling my outgoings. Alcohol really took it’s toll on my mind.

After meeting a different set of friends who pretty much only smoked weed I began to get a grip back on my life. I could get high all night and then still get up early and work the next day. The difference is really amazing. Because I felt so much more alert and clear I was managing money and outgoings much better.

I urge people to give cannabis a go and put the drink away. You should stick to using pen vaporizers when smoking cannabis and then you really get the ultimate, and healthiest, escape.

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