Two Simple Tips for Choosing Dab Rigs

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Unlike firing up flowers, dabbing (see dea) uses concentrates, which actually have more flavor and hits harder. Another great thing about dabbing is that you don’t have to use bulky and unwieldy bongs, dab rigs are small and compact, which makes them a whole lot easier to use.

If you’re looking for your very first dab rig, here are a couple of things that you might want to take into consideration:
Look for rigs with a small chamber.

With bongs, you need a large chamber to build up enough smoke to get a good drag, but this is not the case when using concentrates. Dab rigs are getting a continuous stream of vapor coming from the heated concentrates, so you really don’t have to gather a huge cloud of it to get a good drag.

In fact, large chambers will only cause the concentrates’ vapors to dissipate and lose flavor. You will only be wasting a good amount of your concentrates when you use a dab rig with a large chamber. Ideally, your dab rig should be small enough that it can hold it easily and securely with just one hand, which is important since dab rig bodies can be quite expensive.

Choose the right nails

Dab rig nails are the part of the rig that you will be heating up with a torch before you “dab” your concentrates. As you can probably guess, this part will receive a huge amount of stress so you need to pick the right one for your first dab rigs.

You can choose from several different types of nails, and all of them have their own pros and cons. For instance, ceramic nails are cheap and has excellent heat retention, but they break quite often. On the other hand, titanium nails are nearly indestructible, but they are quite good heat conductors so it is easy to overheat them, which leads to burning your concentrates instead of vaporizing them

Choosing your very first dab rig is often pretty exciting, but it is mostly straightforward and simple. Follow the two simple tips mentioned above and you can look forward to days upon days of sheer enjoyment.

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