The Time Me And My Friends Got Together To Smoke a Bong Pipe

Just last weekend I just arrived home from Sharm El Sheik in Egypt, and I have to say I has an absolutely amazing time. We went there for a friends birthday and we were certainly not disappointed. It was a fantastic opportunity for old and new friends to meet up, enjoy the sun, the sea, the locals and also the local traditions! There one one tradition I enjoyed more than any other.

You guessed it, smoking that fine marijuana and learning all about the bongs for sale at herb tools! Nevertheless let me add that is the company of old friends who are also accustomed to the forms and practice of bong’s and new friends who have never had the opportunity to sat in front of and smoke one before.

Egypt is well known for its high quality ganja and smoking it from a traditional glass bong pipe was such a pleasure. The water acting as a cooling device really allowed me to get the full taste of the cannabis flowers.

It was most certainly a learning curve for many of the newbies to say the least. It is no secret that it can often be a daunting experience when sat in front of a bong for the first time. You enter one of the many indoor or outdoor lounges to find a number of groups of men sitting comfortably while smoking a bong like it is no different to the air they breathe.

My friends and I were pumped to start with and ready to experience a small taste of the exotic traditional culture and to finally try out what we had been discussing about all day! Nevertheless, I will be honest and say it was somewhat of a different story when we eventually sat down upon all the plush cushions and small table. My friends froze in terror at the sight of this large bong despite the fact that one of the fantastic lounge owners went out of his way to produce three amazing fruity flavours of chronic at our request.

I am sure this is one of those ‘you had to have been there’ moments, but try and picture the scene, five grown men trying to tell the terrified and horror filled newbie what to do all at once is sadly not the best idea or such a great tactic. So I thought it was best to perhaps put together some short notes and applicable advice for individuals out there who are first-timers. Hopefully you will learn from my storytelling and perhaps provide the same information to a friend of your own who may be wanting to try.

One of the primary and often one of the worst fears that enters many individuals heads is that they will choke. If you ever see an individual coughing or choking when smoking a bong this is often because there is too much plant food still inside the herb. This can cause the smoke to become harsh and unpleasant. If you are at an Amsterdam coffee shop, simply ask for assistance! You will find that bar workers or owners are more than happy and willing to help you before quickly solving the issue at hand. If it is your first time smoking a bong, certainly avoid ordering something too strong. It can often lead to an awful first time experience.

So where is the best place to get your own water pipe?

You’ve heard my awesome story and now you want to buy a water pipe or similar functioning smoking product for yourself. It is not possible to state the best place to buy water pipes online as there are a few good ones already, check out with your friends which one they may have used in the past. Smokers plaza is a favourite of mine.

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