Thailand became the First Southeast Asian Country to Legalize Marijuana

Thailand is officially the first country to legalize cannabis for media and research purposes. Legalization was passed by the announcement of Thailand on 25 December 2018 last.

In a television broadcast, Somchai Sawangkarn, head of the Marijuana Bill’s endorsement work committee, said this was a new year gift from the council to the government and people of Thailand. But what happens is related to who will control the market of processed cannabis.

Lately many companies have licensed patents for some substances from cannabis. This condition makes Thai cannabis business actors and activists worry that patents will make people challenge the marijuana market in Thailand. resulting in difficulties for local people to get marijuana in their own country.

“We ask the government to reject the entire patent process before the legalisation rules are actually applied,” said Panthep Puapongpan, Head of Institu Rangsit, the Thai Health Agency.

What are the Health Benefits of Marijuana?

Thai people have for centuries used marijuana as traditional medicine before using it in 1934. Farmers used marijuana to relax muscles after a day of plowing the fields. Marijuana is also used to reduce pain when giving birth.

How research shows that cannabis has the potential to relieve pain, encourage and dispose of those who restore chemotherapy. Marijuana can also improve sleep quality for those who have sleep problems.

In addition, recent research revealed cannabodiol in cannabis can reduce seizures in people with epilepsy.

Thailand steps to legalize cannabis for medical and research purposes, following other countries in the world, namely Colombia, Israel, Denmark, England and America. Thailand’s neighboring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore are still in the initial stages of discussion related to the legalization of cannabis.

However, when seen as a whole, marijuana is a taboo and illegal problem in most countries in Southeast Asia.

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