So, my new glass bong came today!

Wow, just wow. Today I got my new bong and I am so super stoked. I was going to go with a popular brand name but after reading some negative reviews on a weed forum I decided to go with “Meshuggah”. They whole piece is frosted, I have no idea how they do that but I am kind of interested to find out. It creates a really cool effect and I prefer it to solid coloured glass as I can still see the smoke. I also prefer it from clear glass because the tar build up is much harder to see. So I find that the best of both worlds come from buying a frosted glass.

It hits like a beast thanks to its wide diameter. I am a light user so I only normally take small hits but this bong has me wanting to take major rips. I am going to get a cool video up but I couldn’t wait to tell you guys about it and show you the picture. So that people aren’t too disappointed I found a hd video of someone taking rips.

I am going to create an account and get my own video up soon, as soon as it is up I will show you all my smoking utensil collection! I hope you all had a great holiday and are ready to get back to the working grind, which reminds me of my next post, the venus project! A better way forward with out a doubt. Stay tuned on my blog to hear more about their amazing innovations and ideas for a resource based economy. More next week!

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