Illegazling Nature: Why Cannabis Shouldn’t be Made Illegal

It seems like that there is no other plant on this earth that has been surrounded by so much controversy than marijuana. Marijuana is known by many individuals as a natural plant however the government seem to have taken it upon themselves to label it as an illegal substance. Regardless of there being no current or existing evidence of any individual ever dying of a marijuana overdose, it seems that possession of this natural plant is still illegal in many countries and states around the world.

Across the world many individuals still continue to use marijuana, despite some hefty punishments if caught. With many traditional brick & mortar and online stores openly and actively selling favourable and popular products such as cheap plastic bongs, vaporizers, smoking pipes and many other smoking accessories, plus the acrylic water bong for smoking marijuana proving to be incredibly popular along with the plastic bong, it doesn’t seem that anyone is ready to give up marijuana any time soon and there may be good reason for that:

What are the long term benefits of smoking marijuana?
The benefits surrounding long term and continuous smoking of marijuana have been carefully studied for many decades. Individuals who choose to smoke marijuana over a long period of time often report fewer incidents of muscular or pain problems.

There has also been no signs of malignant disturbances found in individuals who choose to smoke along with no signs of neurophysiological or neurological deterioration. This is most certainly a positive outcome for marijuana and a strong case to push forward when tackling the issue of what should and shouldn’t be an illegal substance.

Are there any long term risks of smoking marijuana?
Studies have suggested that the long term risks involved when smoking marijuana are minimal, but studies claim that any damage that may be caused to the central nervous system is completely reversible.

As studies suggested, the risks associated with the long term use of marijuana is incredibly minimal, with smokers proving to be in better health than individuals who do not smoke marijuana. It is certainly important to point out that one long term risk is dependency. Marijuana alone is not addictive, however THC compounds found within the herb are shown to significantly increase pleasure in the brain which subsequently means users are more likely to want to use marijuana for the sensation. Nevertheless, marijuana users are less likely to be dependant on the herb than individuals who choose to smoke tobacco.

Is marijuana safe?
Marijuana is an incredibly safe drug to use, short or long term. Individuals may always argue against the benefits, but with the the overwhelming backing of science that has continuously proven marijuana to be safe is not aiding their argument.

Marijuana is known to contain key ingredients that are able to suppress cancer, inhibit HIV, alleviate a multitude of different paint related ailments, treat glaucoma and also reduce blood pressure. It is also known to be a great neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and an exceptionally good antioxidant. So we need to ask ourselves, why is this natural plant which is the source of so many great medical benefits, still illegal?

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