How Much I Love My New Vaporizer Pen

So, I could be called a collector. Of course I have been often called a maniac- my best friend are among a few who have called me so, but it isn’t like I particularly mind being called a maniac since I think I am slightly aware of my obsession with things. I have a collection of old coins, unique painting, old containers, colourful stones and quite a few other things. Of these, probably my most prized possession is my vaporizer collection.

I have all kinds and colours of vaporizers beginning from cheap plastic vaporizers to the best and the costliest pen vaporizer. They range in sizes as well but that’s not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is this new vaporizer that I recently bought online from online . This pen vaporizer is apparently one of the first designs and is pale blue in colour.

I made it a point to not use the vaporizers that are in my collection but there is this strong feeling about this vaporizer that was almost asking for it. It was quite uncanny but it was exciting as well. It’s not like I hadn’t ever smoked cannabis but I wasn’t quite a fan of the extreme self-righteous sense of independence it allowed and yes, some people are a bit intimidated by it. I had searched it on Google since I didn’t want to be the only one.

My new vaporizer has a very interesting pen with very intricate and intrinsic designs in the outer surface of it. Last night, I was examining the details of the designs and it gave off a feeling of belonging to the times of the kings and the queens but they said that it was only recently manufactured. The nozzle has this interesting curve towards the end that not only serves as a well positioned design but also a very firm hold on its content.

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Today I invited my friend over to have a look at my new vaporizer and he asked if I would like to have a go at it, to compare it to other smoking tools. While I turned his offer down, he didn’t seem to be offended; instead he too took it in his hand and started examining it minutely.

The surprising part was when he said that the vaporizer looked like something out of the king’s era. I’ll have it known that my friend is quite the critique and a compliment such as this from him is worth a lot to me. I was obviously proud of it.

I have decided to call a few others of my friends over to my place and casually place the vaporizer at display to show it off to them. I’m pretty sure they’ll like it too since it is obviously not my crazy obsession of collecting. I would love to bask in the compliments they will shower on my new vape since it is completely admirable and proven so. Oh, I so love my new cheap vaporizer from Vaporwizard!

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