Benefits of Marijuana in the Medical World

Marijuana is an illegal plant in the world but several countries have legalized this plant for medical and research purposes.

Although its use is not always dangerous, marijuana can affect your body and mind as you enter the body.

Get to know more about cannabis

Cannabis comes from a plant called Cannabis Sativa. This one plant has 100 different chemicals called cannabinoids. Each ingredient has a different effect.

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidol (CBD) are the main chemicals used in medicine. THC is a compound that will make you drunk.

Cannabinoid compounds are also produced naturally by the body to help regulate concentration, gestures, appetite, pain and sensation.

It can be said that marijuana has positive benefits for the human body, but please note that this compound is very strong. Marijuana abuse can cause a variety of serious health effects.

Marijuana is commonly used by smoking into cigarettes. Parts of this plant that are used are leaves, flowers, seeds and stems.

Benefits of Marijuana for the Medical World

Quoted from WebMD, cannabis can be a drug if medically treated. Dustin Sulak, a different professor, conducted research with cannabis and the results were that several types of cannabis could be recommended to patients undergoing treatment.

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In patients who have chronic pain develop from the previous condition. Patients with multiple sclerosis also experience less muscle spasms compared to before. Even the results are surprising, patients with severe intestinal inflammation can start eating again.

This sulak research is quite strong and fills a long history of the benefits of cannabis as a therapeutic drug. But unfortunately, marijuana is still classified as illegal goods. Only a few countries have used marijuana as medicine.

Types of Marijuana used as medical drugs

There are four types of cannabis that have been allowed by the United States to be produced for medical purposes, viz

Marinol and Cesamat

These two drugs function to treat nausea and loss of appetite due to chemotherapy and are given to patients with AIDS. This drug is another form of THC which is the main ingredient of cannabis.

Marinol and Cesamat were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1980.


This drug is used in patients with epilepsy and was legalized in 2013 by the United States POM.


this drug is used to treat breast cancer. use of this drug by spraying it into the mouth. Sativex has been approved by more than 20 countries for muscle spasms from multiple sclerosis and cancer pain.

How to use marijuana medically

Marijuana can be used in various ways such as

  • Enchanted through vaporizer
  • Blended into cooking
  • Applied to the skin
  • Dropped directly on the tongue
  • Taken straight away

The five ways above are done according to the advice of the doctor, each method works in a different way.

Inhaling is one of the ways that the effects work very quickly. In the meantime, if you consume by eating, your body will need 1-2 hours to be able to feel the effect.

Side Effects of Marijuana as a Medicine

Just like drugs in general, cannabis also causes various side effects for users like

  • Red eye
  • Depression
  • Dizzy
  • Increased Heartbeat
  • Hallucinations
  • Low blood pressure

In addition, cannabis can also affect body movement and coordination. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that cannabis can make you addicted.

Marcel Bonn-Miller, PhD, a substance abuse specialist at the School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine, states that the more often and higher the THC level used the more likely you are to experience dependency.

Therefore, doctors will be very careful when they have to prescribe this cannabis drug so that patients are not addicted. Maybe this is one of the reasons why the use of marijuana as a medical drug has not been used by all countries.

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