Before you buy glass bongs you should read this

So you decided you wanted to buy a glass bong rather than a different type of pipe, but why? Are you sure this is the right move? I mean, sure there are some incredible glass bongs for sale but maybe before you go crazy spending you should consider a different material, such as plastic.

So assuming pot is legal in your state, you can learn a little bit about these two popular materials and understand which fits your requirements the best. Let me list a few negative points about glass that you should really have a think about.

  1. One false move and it’s all over. If you were to simply put the pipe down too hard on a table, it is going to break. Maybe you simply turned to talk to someone and your elbow came into contact with the neck, accident or not, a glass bong does not forgive when it comes into contact with a hard surface.
  2. Affordability. In reality the end result of all these different smoking pipes is the same. So do you really want to pay double or more for a certain kind? Granted, the glass bongs for sale can be very arty now days and plastic will always look cheap in comparison. But for some people they just care about getting high.
  3. Are you too lazy to clean it? Trust me on this, I once paid out for a high end bong and promised myself to clean it religiously after every sesh, I did this I think twice before I stopped. Not long after that the same water would stew in the pipe everynight.

    The dreaded stains began to build on the walls and it smelt and tasted badly after a week or two. But because I spent so much I didn’t want to just buy a new one, which I could of if I had opted for the cheap version the first time round.

That is all from me for today, I hope I’ve helped and guided you into making the right choice. It is now time to roll up a doob and play some ps4 while you await delivery of your shiny new toy!

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