How Much I Love My New Vaporizer Pen

So, I could be called a collector. Of course I have been often called a maniac- my best friend are among a few who have called me so, but it isn’t like I particularly mind being called a maniac since I think I am slightly aware of my obsession with things. I have a collection of old coins, unique painting, old containers, colourful stones and quite a few other things. Of these, probably my most prized possession is my vaporizer collection. I have all kinds and colours of vaporizers beginning from cheap plastic vaporizers to the best and the costliest pen vaporizer. They range in sizes as well but that’s not what I want to talk about.
What I want to talk about is this new vaporizer that I recently bought online. This super cheap portable pen vaporizer is apparently one of the first designs and is pale blue in colour. I made it a point to not use the vaporizers that are in my collection but there is this strong feeling about this vaporizer that was almost asking for it. It was quite uncanny but it was exciting as well. It’s not like I hadn’t ever smoked cannabis but I wasn’t quite a fan of the extreme self-righteous sense of independence it allowed and yes, some people are a bit intimidated by it. I had searched it on Google since I didn’t want to be the only one.
My new vaporizer has a very interesting pen with very intricate and intrinsic designs in the outer surface of it. Last night, I was examining the details of the designs and it gave off a feeling of belonging to the times of the kings and the queens but they said that it was only recently manufactured. The nozzle has this interesting curve towards the end that not only serves as a well positioned design but also a very firm hold on its content.

cancer and cannabis

cancer and cannabis

Today I invited my friend over to have a look at my new vaporizer and he asked if I would like to have a go at it, to compare it to other smoking tools. While I turned his offer down, he didn’t seem to be offended; instead he too took it in his hand and started examining it minutely. The surprising part was when he said that the vaporizer looked like something out of the king’s era. I’ll have it known that my friend is quite the critique and a compliment such as this from him is worth a lot to me. I was obviously proud of it.
I have decided to call a few others of my friends over to my place and casually place the vaporizer at display to show it off to them. I’m pretty sure they’ll like it too since it is obviously not my crazy obsession of collecting. I would love to bask in the compliments they will shower on my new vaporizer since it is completely admirable and proven so. Oh, I so love my new pen vaporizer.


Illegazling Nature: Why Cannabis Shouldn’t be Made Illegal

cannabis plant

potent cannabis plant

It seems like that there is no other plant on this earth that has been surrounded by so much controversy than marijuana. Marijuana is known by many individuals as a natural plant however the government seem to have taken it upon themselves to label it as an illegal substance. Regardless of there being no current or existing evidence of any individual ever dying of a marijuana overdose, it seems that possession of this natural plant is still illegal in many countries and states around the world.

Across the world many individuals still continue to use marijuana, despite some hefty punishments if caught. With many traditional brick & mortar and online stores openly and actively selling favourable and popular products such as cheap plastic bongs, vaporizers, smoking pipes and many other smoking accessories, plus the acrylic water bong for smoking marijuana proving to be incredibly popular along with the plastic bong, it doesn’t seem that anyone is ready to give up marijuana any time soon and there may be good reason for that:

What are the long term benefits of smoking marijuana?

The benefits surrounding long term and continuous smoking of marijuana have been carefully studied for many decades. Individuals who choose to smoke marijuana over a long period of time often report fewer incidents of muscular or pain problems.

There has also been no signs of malignant disturbances found in individuals who choose to smoke along with no signs of neurophysiological or neurological deterioration. This is most certainly a positive outcome for marijuana and a strong case to push forward when tackling the issue of what should and shouldn’t be an illegal substance.

Are there any long term risks of smoking marijuana?

Studies have suggested that the long term risks involved when smoking marijuana are minimal, but studies claim that any damage that may be caused to the central nervous system is completely reversible.

As studies suggested, the risks associated with the long term use of marijuana is incredibly minimal, with smokers proving to be in better health than individuals who do not smoke marijuana. It is certainly important to point out that one long term risk is dependency. Marijuana alone is not addictive, however THC compounds found within the herb are shown to significantly increase pleasure in the brain which subsequently means users are more likely to want to use marijuana for the sensation. Nevertheless, marijuana users are less likely to be dependant on the herb than individuals who choose to smoke tobacco.

Is marijuana safe?

Marijuana is an incredibly safe drug to use, short or long term. Individuals may always argue against the benefits, but with the the overwhelming backing of science that has continuously proven marijuana to be safe is not aiding their argument.

Marijuana is known to contain key ingredients that are able to suppress cancer, inhibit HIV, alleviate a multitude of different paint related ailments, treat glaucoma and also reduce blood pressure. It is also known to be a great neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and an exceptionally good antioxidant. So we need to ask ourselves, why is this natural plant which is the source of so many great medical benefits, still illegal?

names for leaf

leaf areas

Gift Ideas For the Stoner In Your Life


Most pot smokers are proud to display their affinity and affection for their favorite plant. If you or a loved one is a lover of marijuana, the following gift ideas are sure to make their special occasion even more unforgettable. Whether you are stuffing a stocking or celebrating their birthday, who doesn’t love a good ganja themed gift?

Huf socks are the quintessential foot coverings of a devoted pot smoker. Even folks who don’t smoke weed will love the sumptuous softness and creative color varieties offered by this popular brand.
Hemp bath and body products will not necessarily satisfy the craving for some CBD or THC, but they are a great way to show support for the marijuana plant in general.

A shiny new grinder or glass pipe will always put a smile on any smoker’s face.

Go all out with a shisha pipe or specialty water bong. These devices take smoking to a whole new level, so if you really want to show your loved one how much they mean, this is a very versatile and useful investment.

Looking for a gift on a budget? Put together a simple gift basket with smoker friendly favorites from the dollar store like lighters, eye drops, chewing gum, breath mints, and an air freshener for their car.
You can never go wrong with a classic Bob Marley album or CD.
If the weed lover in your life grows their own supply, consider getting them some gardening supplies to help take care of their precious inventory.

Spread the love by giving meaningful gifts that are both practical and appreciated.

honey oil

clear oil

Basic History on the Hookah Pipe

Name and etymology
The hookah is an instrument used for smoking flavored tobacco. As you might already know, the vapor resulted from this is sent into a glass water basin before it’s inhaled. The hookah has become a very popular instrument upon its invention and numerous people from all over the world are using it as the means to relax and enjoy their time. Since its creation, the hookah has become very popular, hence it has a large spread all over the world and, of course, numerous names. The hookah is also known as waterpipe, shisha, qalyan, arghila, narghile and other derivatives, depending on the region where it’s used. The term hookah on its own comes from Arabic.

Hookah history
Based on the writings of Cyril Elgood, it seems that the hookah on its own has been invented by the physicist named Irfan Shaikh as he tried to develop new relaxation methods for his emperor named Akbar I. The origins of the hookah seem to come from Persia, with the poet Ahli Shirazi referring to it as being very popular in the year 1500 in the Persian region.
After achieving a lot of popularity in Persia, Abu’l-Fath Gilani introduced this in India. Despite this, there aren’t any evidences of water pipe usage until 1560. Moreover, there’s no indication what exactly the Persians were smoking with the hookah, since tobacco reached Persia sometime during the XVIIth century. Still, it’s clear the device was invented in Persia, with the Europeans being the one that brought the tobacco in this region. For a very long time, the hookah was a symbol of aristocracy as well as gentry.

At first, the hookah was created with the help of low quality alloys, copper and brass, which made it very easy to more around but not that efficient, not to mention that it was damaged easily as well. In the modern times, we can find hookahs created using aluminum and stainless steel. Moreover, the hookah had to deal with low quality materials in its early days, with wires and leather that weren’t durable. Nowadays, silicone rubber compounds are used in order to increase the durability of the device, as well as eliminate odors and make them healthier, bacteria-free.

Each culture seems to use the hookah in a different manner. The Middle Eastern persons are using it because of their tradition and culture, whereas countries such as India, Pakistan or Bangladesh see it as a sign of wealth. In the US, Canada and Europe, the hookah is an interesting way to consume tobacco which has become increasingly popular in the past few years.

The hookah entered history with the means of relaxing humans, and it has done that for centuries now. Despite material changes, the concept and results are roughly the same. This clearly shows that the need to relax and enjoy our time has increased quite a lot in the recent years and it will surely increase as we move onward into the future!

hookah use

So, my new glass bong came today!

MG 010_0

Wow, just wow. Today I got my new bong and I am so super stoked. I was going to go with a popular brand name but after reading some negative reviews on a weed forum I decided to go with “Meshuggah”. They whole piece is frosted, I have no idea how they do that but I am kind of interested to find out. It creates a really cool effect and I prefer it to solid coloured glass as I can still see the smoke. I also prefer it from clear glass because the tar build up is much harder to see. So I find that the best of both worlds come from buying a frosted glass.

It hits like a beast thanks to its wide diameter. I am a light user so I only normally take small hits but this bong has me wanting to take major rips. I am going to get a cool video up but I couldn’t wait to tell you guys about it and show you the picture. So that people aren’t too disappointed I found a hd video of someone taking rips.

I am going to create an account and get my own video up soon, as soon as it is up I will show you all my smoking utensil collection! I hope you all had a great holiday and are ready to get back to the working grind, which reminds me of my next post, the venus project! A better way forward with out a doubt. Stay tuned on my blog to hear more about their amazing innovations and ideas for a resource based economy. More next week!